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Hello friends!
Peace and well wishes for you during this time- To support you and your needs, Schneider Coaching Group is open for business! As always, virtual appointments are available via FaceTime or phone. Please view the Lagniappe Blog for past and current articles which have information and encouragement for times of stress and uncertainty. The blog is updated periodically. Please also subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive more guidance and articles of relevance.
Please feel free to reach out to me via email: arleneschn@gmail.com.
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Lagniappe Blog

  • When Passion and Opportunity Collide

    We all are impacted one way or another by COVID_19. Some of us try to ignore it, some us tolerate the unpredictability and stress, while others view the pandemic as a vehicle for love and service. In a recent newsletter, you met Aurora Brunel …


    We all have our individual stories of how our children (and parents) reacted in March once it was clear that that the remainder of the spring semester was going virtual. Most of us managed, but for many, the road was rocky and in some …


    “She values her political position more than she loves our friendship.”

    “She continues to talk about politics when I change the subject. I can’t take it anymore.”

    “We’ve always been friends. Why is this the end of a long friendship?”

    These statements were made by …