COVID-19 Response

Hello friends!
Peace and well wishes for you during this time- To support you and your needs, Schneider Coaching Group is open for business! As always, virtual appointments are available via FaceTime or phone. Please view the Lagniappe Blog for past and current articles which have information and encouragement for times of stress and uncertainty. The blog is updated periodically. Please also subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive more guidance and articles of relevance.
Please feel free to reach out to me via email: arleneschn@gmail.com.
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Lagniappe Blog


    Based on the teen and young adult clients in my practice, my observation is that they are doing very well, if not thriving.
    Despite what you might be hearing, many students are managing just fine. The clients in my practice have worked on organization, focus, …


    “Nextdoor” sidewalk arguments, leaf blower debates, politics, sign stealing, virtual learning, storms…it goes on and on.
    I am reminded of Tom Petty’s (RIP) song, “Jammin’ Me.” These1987 song lyrics definitely resonate today, albeit with different topics, but providing the same message: STOP IT ALREADY! We …


    By this time in the quarantine, many of you have done many things virtually. Doctor’s appointments, work, school-the list is endless!
    Coaching is no different. In fact, I was trained to have virtual sessions, and in fact many of my first coaching clients were indeed …