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These are times when we learn about ourselves, and we then have the opportunity to alter what we’d like to see changed. Out of what lens are you seeing your quarantine, yourself, your opportunities?

Questions to ponder:

1-How have I “shown up” in the past two weeks?

2-What have I learned about myself in the last two …


If you have college age students or young adults it’s quite possible you acquired new house guests in the past two weeks. While many of us are thrilled to have our families intact, is critical to get out of the gate on a good foot.
First, we want to acknowledge that their lives have …


Recently I was invited to speak to a women’s group on the topic of boundaries (see below). To be honest, at first I was not really excited about this topic. Once I began speaking and hearing the thoughtful reflections from the group, I realized how impactful boundaries are for many of us. Boundaries affect …


“I’m feeling good from my hat to my shoe
Know where I am going and I know what to do
I’ve tidied up my point of view
I’ve got a new attitude.”
Patti LaBelle
Were you aware that you possess the one powerful tool which can change dramatically your life? You do, and it is right here at your …


A Quick & Easy Guide to Managing Holiday Expectations and Social Obligations.
Social obligations can be a huge source of stress for many people, especially those who feel social anxiety or who are going through a difficult period in their lives. It’s ok to limit how many parties or events we attend. Similarly, limiting the …


It’s not only a good line from a Fleetwood Mac song.
When my younger son was a baby, allowing babies to “cry it out” when trying to get them to sleep was all the rage. My son’s cries were horrifying blood-curdling screams that tore at my heart. I tried this technique for two days, and …

Hi! I’m Arlene and I’m a positivity convert!

I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon excursion with an old friend. We were enjoying our coffee as she began talking about her sister who she described as “negative” and difficult to be around. My friend proceeded to outline her sister’s behavior and their conversations. I responded, “You know it’s possible your sister has no …

Dealing with Violence and Fear in Today’s World

It is difficult, if not impossible, to ignore the violence and destruction we see on an almost daily basis. Clients and friends share that they are frightened for their children and for themselves. This makes perfect sense, considering all the shootings, road rage, and truly tragic occurrences that take place both locally and in …

Finding Peace Within

Does this conversation sound familiar?
“How are you?”
“How’s your day going?”
“It’s crazy!”
Sometimes that does feel like reality, but how true is it really that a day in itself is crazy? Let’s take a closer look.
We have had days in which we sleep late, the car malfunctions, and the traffic is a hot …