COR.E Performance Dynamics

Are you an athlete struggling to reach your goals or wanting to find your individual zone? An executive who dreads making presentations to small or large audiences? A student who experiences test anxiety?

Whether you are an amateur playing for fun or a top-tier competitor, you want to use all of your abilities and have access to your very best when it counts the most. One of the main challenges is consistency: consistency of performance, consistency of results, consistency of focus, consistency of confidence, and even consistency of fun.

Whatever the game or task, there is a natural ebb and flow, and, unfortunately, when our performance ebbs – so does our enjoyment, confidence, focus, and the belief that we can get back on track. When our performance dips or pressure builds, we quickly grasp at what we think has worked before, yet something keeps us from finding that zone or flow again.

COR.E Performance Dynamics is a program designed to help anyone who desires to take their game to a higher level. Whether you are an amateur, professional, student, or weekend warrior, learning a mastery orientation can help you to reach your individual goals.

This unique program will enable you to derive more enjoyment and confidence from both your training and competitive events while helping you to learn to decrease anxiety.

Below is just a partial list of some of the areas critical to conquering the most common challenges that athletes and performers say they consistently face. Each one of these areas will enhance and optimize your performance level, and are drawn from the COR.E Dynamics program components. To perform at your potential, you must:

  • Develop confidence, and keep it in the aftermath of adversity.
  • Identify your personally preferred method of practice that yields the best results in the least amount of time.
  • Learn how to transfer what works in practice to the playing field, office or school environment.
  • Create long-term, powerful goals and short-term strategies that work toward the future AND have an immediate effect on performance.
  • Remove distractions in order to develop concentration, focus, alertness, decision-making abilities, and other attributes of successful performers.
  • Develop understanding of the energy of performance and the ability to shift it in the moment.
  • Beat self-sabotage before it begins.
  • Break down any barriers to improved performance.

If you are reading this you can master all of the above and more!

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I hired Arlene to help me find my way back to myself. I’d been in a bike crash during a race and was struggling with the mental and physical healing. As a Core Performance Dynamics coach myself, I knew how to coach myself AND I knew that coaching myself wouldn’t be very effective. I wanted to get through this journey quickly. I needed a coach to help me with that. Arlene came into my life at the perfect time. She really saw me–the me I was in the midst of my healing struggle and who I am at my best. She reflected my own thoughts back to me, helping me find clarity in the chaos. She helped me remember that I can do hard things, that my body is my best friend and helped me reach the highest potential that was possible with my healing body. With Arlene’s help, I went from a bloody mess and my first ever DNF (unfinished race) to winning my age group and finishing 6th overall five weeks later. I am so so grateful for Arlene, her intuition and her awesome coaching skills.

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