Houston is quite nice with only about 20% of its usual traffic.

Many people are amazingly generous with their time and talents.

Quarantining seems to breed lots of conspiracy theories.

Sometimes my neighborhood looks like a Mardi Gras parade without the costumes.

Why don’t some runners at Memorial Park social distance?

Why do some runners at Memorial Park run the opposite way of traffic patterns?

A lot of money and calories are saved by not eating out.

I really don’t have to do as many errands as I thought I did.

Why aren’t hairdressers essential personnel?

I really haven’t minded the quarantine as much as I would have thought. People argue a lot on social media.

There’s lots of judgment on social media.

People have radically different opinions on the same subject.

Can I get by without ever getting on another airplane?

Why do people drop their used gloves in parking lots?

Some people are very creative and interesting. I want to be friends with them.

I still get stopped by trains even though I’m driving 90% less than I usually do.

Humans are amazingly resilient and flexible.

We can live without many things not thought possible before this quarantine.

My cats are very happy to have the attention of many humans.

My friends and family are pretty special.

First responders and teachers are true heroes and I wish they were paid a lot more.

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