Most of us receive daily emails from department stores, influencers, and style bloggers with suggestions on how to update our wardrobes, our homes, and our exercis3 routines. We see promises of how a blouse in a trendy seasonal color or a new set of abdominal routines will re-shape our lives and bodies.

Maybe your wardrobe has the latest fashions and you are experimenting with new fitness routines, but when have you last updated your life? Have you had thoughts that your life has become routine, stale, or anxiety-ridden? Do you feel stuck or angry for no reason? Clients tell me frequently how they have carried around values that no longer serve them or attitudes that cause stress and even depression. This might be the perfect time to take a look at some life trends that will update your lifestyle.


There is a new advertisement featuring Alvin Kamara, the New Orleans Saints superstar running back. Alvin is unabashedly authentic. In the advertisement for a razor, he tells a story of when he was trying out for the NFL and someone told him to remove his nose ring before speaking with the coaches from a particular team. Alvin said no. He went on and said something to the effect of “If you can’t accept me for who I am, I don’t think we’re going to get along in your locker room.” This is a young man who is perfectly clear about who he is. Amazing maturity for a 24-year-old!

It’s ok to be who you are. How much energy are you expending trying to be someone you are not? Think about this for a minute. Many times we shape-shift depending on what friend group we are with at a given time. That’s not unusual and even it’s helpful sometimes, but when you find that your behavior changes frequently, it might time to take a look at who you really are and why you feel the need to alter your personality in certain situations.


That means being kind to your friends, the people around you, the cashier, and the people who disagree with you. Yes, that can be a challenge in today’s society, but it’s certainly manageable. Avoid taking things personally, and act without judgment. You never know what kind of hardship another person is going through. You will most certainly feel better about yourself if you treat others with respect and dignity.


How is staying in victim mode helping you?  It keeps you in a negative energy state, and others respond accordingly. If you will speak like a victim, behave like a victim, then people will respond to you as a victim. If you give off “victim energy” it’s likely people will take advantage of that, and this perpetuates the cycle. Complaining to your friends how everyone in your life treats you like dirt doesn’t get you anywhere. Yes, many times a person doesn’t even realize that they are playing the victim card. If you feel like you are being treated unfairly by people in your life, coaching can help you identify how you stay in a “catabolic” energy state and how this keeps you from being the awesome person you are meant to be.


People love to be around others who demonstrate humility. Why? It’s refreshing and it is easy to be around people with that personality trait. Notice how athletes who are humble are the most loved and respected. They seem like real people. They don’t put on “airs,” and they seem like the person next door. How humble are you? Do you find yourself “bragging” about your children or about the things you’ve done? Sure, it’s fine to talk about yourself and your family, but when it becomes a constant litany of how awesome you are-it’s not so awesome anymore.


Practicing self-care is one of the biggest life trends right now. Yes, we know how important it is to take time to rejuvenate with meditation or a good run, but taking care of yourself also means setting clear boundaries.  What feels uncomfortable in your life right now? Are you engaged in a habit that isn’t working for you any longer? What may be causing you stress or anxiety? It’s possible that an old habit is no longer viable for you. Are you in a group that doesn’t fit with your values right now? In an exercise routine that’s boring or causing you pain? How is this helping you?

How about people in your life? Take inventory of who is lifting you up and who brings more stress into your life. Sometimes we just need a break from people, while other times we find that relationships have become toxic and cause us pain or stress. Listen to your gut-your very important intuition monitor! For instance, If you are planning to meet with someone but you’re just not feeling it-what does this mean? Take a look at what’s going on and make adjustments. Taking care of yourself is the key to health and happiness.

Which life trends are you going to practice? Just like a new outfit can help you to feel renewed, a new outlook can take that feeling a great deal further.

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